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La Fornitrice Srl is a supplier of technical marine equipment. Founded in 1984 in Trieste, its roots goes back to the 1930s, when Francesco Devetta started to supply ships in the ports of Trieste and Rijeka.

The business was continued by his heirs in the ‘60s, who strengthened the company’s presence in the market of Yugoslavia and in all Italian ports. In the 1980s, La Fornitrice srl was founded to promote some specific activities.

It is only in the early 1990s that La Fornitrice srl begins his journey with the current company structure, leveraging its international vocation to enter the markets of the new republics of the former Yugoslavia and tightening relations with many domestic and foreign shipowners.

Always looking for innovative new products, the company has embarked on the road of sea protection, proposing technologies to fight pollution caused by oil spills. The range of products and services includes equipment for containment, collection and storage of oil, maintenance and training of personnel for oil spill recovery operations according to international regulations IMO. In collaboration with engineering offices and shipyards is able to make projects for oil spill recovery vessels. It can also provide consulting for contingency plans and find solutions for oily and waste water treatment plants for industrial applications.

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