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LA FORNITRICE SRL can provide numerous applications for environmental and harbour systems

Our team would be very happy to discuss your potential requirement and provide systems designed to your specification.

The case studies below represent some systems supplied to some of our customers

Case study: Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants Upgrade on Ferry Boat

Three Biological Wastewater Treatment Units Clarimar MF-2 and five MF-3 were mounted on total eight ferry boats in Croatia . The systems are approved to IMO MEPC 227 (64) resolution and use Bio-Sword filtration technology. This process doesnt need any chemicals, but is based on the aerobic bacteria which break down the organic material into carbon dioxide, water and inert non-organic material. Clean water can be discharged either in the sea or recycled back into ship.

Case study: Personnel Safety Cage for STS Harbour Crane with Secondary Locking System and Parking Stands

Two Personnel Safety Cages (PSC) for safty lashers work on containers were supplied in the Port of Koper (Slo), equipped with a secondary automatic Locking system to grant duoble hooking protection. The system is activated as soon as the PSC is lifted and closed when the cages are parked. A parking device mounted on the crane beam was supplied to store the PSC after the use.

Case study: Seabin with Fixed Quay Accessory

One floating debris and plastics collector device Seabin was installed in the harbour of Trieste to keep water surface clean. Since there were no floating quays available, it was provided with a 3 m aluminum H beam and two floaters to be positioned on the fixed stone quay. The Seabin was fixed on this structure in order to adjust floating to the tide variations. The electric pump was connected to a nearby energy supply point.

Case study: Curtain Boom for Dredging Works in Town Channel

Two sections with 4 m and 8 m underwater curtain were deployed in the channel of Trieste (Italy) to protect the sea from mud and debris pollutions caused by maintenance works in the channel. The size and type of the boom sections were designed for this application.

Case study: Containerised Boom Reel and Skimmer System

200 m of inflatable booms on reel with a disc skimmer, pump and powerpack where stored in an ISO container to be quickly transported to spill location or kept on the dockside or ship ready for action.

Case study: Fasflo Side Sweeping Skimmer

The Vikoma Fastflo 25 skimmer was designed with two inflatable boom sections to carry out oil sweeping operations on one side of the vessel. The skimmer can recover a wide range of oil viscosities up to 25 m3/hr and can operate with a speed up to 5 knots.

Case study: Aluminum Work Boat for Boom Deployment and OSR Operations

A multipurpose aluminum work boat 6.2 m F.L. with a 60 Hp outboard engine was built for the Oil Terminal  in Trieste (Italy). It was fitted with an aft removable roll bar for pushing the booms during deployment/recovery operations on sea and protected with a 110 mm fender along the sides.  The stern was provided with a protection bar for the engine, two searchlights where built in the bow, a led lightning system and a GPS antitheft system with alarms were fitted on deck.  

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