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Around twenty years ago we started be interested in some of environmental-related issues we heard about on magazines, newspaper and so on: these issues were also present in our zone and now they are there for all to see. Micro-plastic debris, small oil spills in harbours and garbage on coastlines started to be serious problems for all those cities whose economy, work and life are related with the sea. Sea in a certain sense brings life, opportunities, commerce and by denying it we help to create a worst future.
So as a firm that constantly looks at future, we decided to do our part and we started our environmental branch.

environment is our focus

Our mission is to create solutions fit for harbours and sea-related activities that help cleaning up and preventing sea pollution. We offer a wide range of products from skimmers to absorbing barriers and big bags in order to prevent oil spill, chemical leaks or store polluting materials. In the last few years we have cooperated with companies in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro by creating projects designed on their needs.

innovative products

Every year we try to improve our brand selection by discovering new innovative products in order to give the costumer a wider range of choice and to develop our mission for a cleaner sea.

Our last innovative product is the “CollecThor” which can clean up waste and microplastic debris from surface water. We think this could be a great resource to develop city-marine environment and get closer to retails, marinas and small businesses based on sea life.

our future

Our view for the next few years is to help to build up a “clean-sea city plan” with a strong cooperation with the local authorities and firms. This ambitious project is moved by the idea of developing a cleaner and more sustainable city by creating a network of products distribution and services. Together we have the power to make the difference.

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