Oil recovery skimmers

Oil recovery skimmers

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Vikoma designs and manufactures some of the best known and best performing oil containment booms, skimmers, tanks, powerpacks and vessels for oil pollution control in marine, inland and industrial situations.
Our equipment has been proven in the most extreme conditions and major spill situations, and is trusted by the biggest names in the industry.


Vikoma has a long pedigree in the oil spill response sector. Originally set up by BP in 1967, in response to the infamous Torrey Canyon disaster, we have been innovating ever since. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced engineering design team have developed products which have set the benchmark for performance around the world. We undertake a continuous programme of product development to improve efficiency and reliability. Just as importantly, we are continually developing solutions to improve safety. New designs and modifi cations make equipment easier to deploy with fewer people, to ensure safe deployment of equipment in a spill situation.


We are proud of our reputation for quality and hold ISO 9001 across our entire range of operations including design, manufacture, sales and installation processes. Our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to maintain exceptional quality, and by having our design engineers in the same place as our production team we are able to create and manufacture bespoke solutions for you. Stringent production testing processes give you the assurance that our products are built to the highest quality standards.


Vikoma takes pride in producing equipment which has an exceptional life span. By using top quality durable materials and components, Vikoma’s equipment offers excellent value for
money and reliable performance for many years. Vikoma is part of the Energy Environmental Group, based in Aberdeen. The group comprises of companies providing a range of environmental services to the oil industry.

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