URO skimmer

URO skimmer

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URO offshore oil skimming systems utilize a single oil skimmer head to recover high volumes of virtually any oil viscosity.


  • Complete self-contained, turn-key offshore oil recovery system stored on a 20’ ISO system base
  • Only one skimmer head is required to recover virtually any viscosity of oil
  • Patented technology (RBS TRITONTM U.S.7,303,688).
  • Witnessed oil recovery rates and efficiencies tested by DNV and ABS to ASTM standards
  • Up to 98% oil to water recovery efficiency reducing storage volume requirements
  • Skimmer head deployed / recovered via floating hose and integrated crane, eliminating the requirement for an external workboat and deck crane
  • Safe to operate in rough, open water environments as only a single operator is required
  • Minimal setup required, drastically reducing response time


URO 300

Capacity 300 m3/h

URO 600

Capacity 600m3/h


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